Vegie Bags – How it works

What happens?

  • You pay a set amount per week four weeks in advance. Payments are preferably by direct bank deposit on-line or into a local Bendigo Bank branch. Currently the bag cost is $26 per week – hence $104 per 4 weeks or $52 for a bag each fortnight. Payment reminders are sent out before the four-week period commences.
  • You receive a weekly (or fortnightly) bag filled with a selection of vegetables, fruit, nuts and herbs produced here in southern Gippsland.
  • The contents of the bag reflect what is currently in season in southern Victoria. Everyone gets the same – it is not possible to select special items for your bag. We often include recipes featuring seasonal produce in Grow Lightly newsletters.
  • The contents of the bag is either certified organic, or grown according to the principles of organic agriculture.
  • The reason that the price of the vegie bags is able to be so low is the innovative delivery system, where volunteers make a commitment once every few months to help pack the vegie bags in an informal, friendly setting, and take the bags for their area back to a central point near them for pickup.
  • The bags are packed and delivered to the pick up points on Sundays and are then available for pick-up from depots at:
    • Korumburra (The Grow Lightly Food Hub Shop)
    • Mirboo North
    • Churchill
    • Fish Creek/Foster
    • Inverloch
    • Leongatha
    • Wonthaggi
  • Want a drop off point In your town? Find 2 or 3 friends who want a vegie bag and can pick up from Korumburra once a month and we can start you a drop off point.
  • Growers deliver their produce once a week, and many are involved in packing the vegie bags. Growers are paid on-line.

If you want to find out more about taking a bag or you have questions, please contact us.