Advanced Microbial Compost Making Workshop



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Gerhard Grasser has devoted his life to promoting and teaching a structured holistic approach to soil health management. He led us for the compost workshop which was held at a property in Loch on Saturday May 4 and it was absolutely outstanding. It was divided into two sections, a presentation by Gerhard on the science of compost including the differences between thermopilic compost, fungal compost and vermi compost. He also detailed the unique features and benefits of custom made compost and explained the microbial army in compost to help improve soil and plant health.

This was followed by a practical session on building a hot compost heap with help from all the participants. This compost pile will be turned 3 to 5 times in the next six weeks, and will have the temperature measured regularly. The idea is to turn it each time before it gets to 70 degrees, and after it stops attaining that temperature it is left for a month to mature. We had lots of fun and learned valuable knowledge to put to use in our own gardens and farms.

When the compost was turned for the first time five days after it was made, we were delighted to see the presence of mycellium showing that we had the right conditions for the production of high quality compost.

There will be a follow up workshop by Gerhard on Saturday June 15th, 9:00—12:30 at a property in Loch (address provided later). Again it will combine theory with outdoor practice, turning compost into compost tea. We will also have the opportunity to see soil life under the microscope. Cost $35, includes morning tea. Tickets available soon.