Grow Lightly works to encourage people to grow food, and eat food sourced locally, mainly in South and West Gippsland. For close to ten years it has been supplying weekly bags of fresh organic fruit and vegetables, using a network of volunteers to pack and distribute bags to Gippsland households. The aim is to give people access to high-quality local food, and to encourage small-scale organic farming and horticulture in the local area.

Grow Lightly also has a Food Hub where you can shop for clean, fresh, local produce and a range of other products. You can also stop by for a coffee and catch up with friends, let your children play on the playground outside or get cosy in front of the open fire. People must eat, and we believe it’s important to make truly fresh food available; to reduce food miles to an absolute minimum by eating local wherever possible; and to recognise the environmental cost of food production. We also know that growing food locally assists the local economy.

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